About Us

We as a culture should do a better job using technology to solve important challenges for this important group. At this point there is no excuse not to help. 

– CareSharing

We are working diligently to create an app that will have a positive impact on many caregivers and we appreciate your help in making it happen! Thank you.

Based in Tupelo, Mississippi, CareSharing’s mission is to make caregiving a more connected experience. One in which caregivers are practicing awesome self care and are able to continue to be the care warriors they are.

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Barry Turner

For almost 25 years now, I've been helping people all over the world solve some of the most challenging problems with communications and technology. Now I'm focusing my attention on a problem near and dear to my heart, caregiving. Technology has the ability to provide a positive impact in our daily lives. I believe technology should be able to lessen the stress associated with caregiving, and be easy to use. As the CEO at CareSharing, I intend to make that a reality.

Mark Hunt

Solving difficult problems with math and computation has been my passion my entire career. As the CTO at CareSharing, I'm able to combine that passion with my other passion in life, helping others. Our technology is designed specifically to help ease the stresses and worry many caregivers struggle with on a daily basis. I am excited to get our Machine Learning solution, combined with our easy to use hardware in the hands of caregivers everywhere. 


The 1 percent model is the simple concept that 1% from many over time can really add up! CareSharing has proudly taken the 1% pledge. The core of our business is caring for people, and we feel this pledge is the best way for us to have a positive impact. We decided that donating time and product would be a great way for us to honor our pledge.